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Hand painted kitchens throughout Scotland.

We are an independent traditional painting practice specialising in hand painted kitchens that uses painting craftsmanship and modern technical expertise to enhance our clients homes. Established over 10 years ago, we are inspired by colour and its innovative use and application.

With years of experience in hand painting kitchens, we can cater for all your requirements from a small to a large kitchens while meeting your budget and producing a quality painted kitchen you will be proud of, transforming your hand painted kitchen into a masterpiece of colour.

Kitchens are at the heart of most homes and deserves ome attention now and again. Whether you’re saving up for your dream kitchen, or just fancy a refresh, having traditional hand painted come to your home and paint your kitchen cabinets can give this important space a completely different look and feel. Over the years we have hand painted many cabinets and units in all types of kitchens for clients who wanted to upgrade their kitchen without spending a lot of money and finding that having their kitchen cabinets painted professionally is the perfect solution.

There’s no easier and more cost effective way to update your kitchen’s style than having your old wood kitchen hand painted with the paint colour of your choice.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a small job with a big impact.

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Little Greene Mazarine painted kitchen

Little Greene


Farrow and Ball Railing painted kitchen units

Farrow & Ball

Railings No.31

Curator Flat Woven paint for kitchen cabinets



Create a unique space with a hand painted kitchen.

A hand painted Kitchen offers a level of customisation and choice of colour unmatched by any manufactures. Our work encompasses hand painting existing kitchen doors, drawers, frames and side panels in materials ranging from MDF, oak, pine, waxed pine, laminate, bare wood.

Irrespective of whether your units are natural wood, MDF, laminate or waxed Traditional hand painted can prepare and prime the surfaces and apply a flawless paint finish to your kitchen doors and drawers in the colour of your choice. Professionally hand painting your kitchen gives it a new look and texture with fine brush strokes that cannot be achieved through spray painting or any other method.

A hand painted kitchen, whether it be a new installation or your existing fitted kitchen, can be truly bespoke and the colour choice is endless. Paint can have emotional influence and creates a bold dramatic effect when applied to plain wood cabinets breathing new life in to your old kitchen units and cabinets. Hand painted kitchens also give you the opportunity of changing the colour of your kitchen at ant time in the future if you decide to refresh your colour scheme. You can also easily change the handles or worktops in order to create an entirely different look, allowing you to get the most out of your kitchen for many years to come.

Driven by our core values of craftsmanship, honest materials and timeless aesthetics

Colour Your Kitchen with Traditional Hand Painted.

When you commission traditional hand painted to paint your kitchen, we hand the ability to transform even the most ordinary of kitchen in to something unique and outstanding. We bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and fresh ideas when painting your kitchen cabinets and units and never tire of seeing the transformation of your newly refurbished hand painted kitchen into something you'll proud of in your home for many years. A quality hand painted finish on your kitchen takes years of skill to learn, knowledge and patience to perfect but put the hard work in and the results speak for themselves.

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