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Delivering Hand Painted Kitchens Our Process

Virtually any wooden kitchen cabinet or furniture can be hand painted successfully: oak, pine, maple, lacquered, or varnished. Traditional Hand Painted can hand paint MDF and laminate too. So, if you are working from new or want to update your old kitchen, you can define the style of each piece yourself.

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Removing kitchen units for painting

Step 1

Careful removal of kitchen doors and drawers including handles and other hardware.

Washing kitchen doors before painting

Step 2

The doors and drawers are then washed with tsp and rinsed carefully to remove dirt and grease.

repair kitchen doors before priming

Step 3

Repair of doors and drawers, holes and scratches are filled and sanded.


Step 4

Doors and drawers are now ready for priming with a shallac or high opacity primer such as BIN Zinzeer or TIKKURILA Otex.

Primed kitchen doors for hand painting

Step 5

A further minimum of 3 coats of your chosen paint are applied including sanding with 600 grit between coats to produce a very smooth painted surface.

Hand painted kitchens in Scotland

Step 6

Wash. repair, prime and paint cabinet frames.

Fitting newly painted kitchen doors and units

Step 7

Re-Install cabinet doors and drawers.