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IMPORTANT - Paint Curing Times

It takes three to four weeks for the paint to fully harden or cure. During this time, it is vulnerable and you do have to be careful. I always say, “Treat your kitchen like your own skin for the first four weeks.” Once it has cured, the paint will be robust, giving you peace of mind.


Generally we will need access to your kitchen area between 8am and 1pm, Monday to Friday and for the duration of the work and we will arrive onsite at the time we have agreed.

Traditional Hand Painted only carry out one project at at time so you can be assured that nothing will get in the way of our focus on your kitchen. This also means that if we are unable to get access to work and are required to travel back to our workshop, this time will be charged to the final project costs at a rate of £22 per hour (Ai - see additional costs)


To avoid any of your property being damaged during the painting, I'll ask you to remove items that could impede the painting process. For instance, clearing items from work surfaces and emptying drawers. You don't need to empty cupboards, although please leave a bit of room at the front of each cupboard.

If there are items left that I need to clear, I'll do so. If there are a lot of them, though, I might have to charge you £22 (Bi - see additional costs) per man-hour for moving these items. I'll be very careful. Nevertheless, I can't be held liable for any damage caused by moving items, I'm afraid.

Please note: We cannot be held liable for damage to any items not removed from the work area or for any damage caused by the need to move/clear items.

Dust is the arch enemy of a hand painted kitchen and to minimize this we ask that access to the kitchen need to be restricted, there are very practical reasons for this, pets, members of your house, other workmen will cause air & dust to move around the kitchen and theirs always a change this dust will land on your freshly painted kitchen. If this dust and per hair are clearly visible the damaged area may have to be repaired and repainted, this additional work will be charged at £22 (Ci - see additional costs). If other people do need to be present while we work, please make sure they won't interfere with or prevent us from finishing the work to our standards and on time.

Additional Costs

On occasions your project will incur additional charges that where not included in the agreed quotation. If this is the case we can discuss and agree the scope of the work and the additional costs involved.

There are a number of fix additional charges outlines in these terms & conditions these are as follows;

  • (Ai) - Loss of access to work area charged at £22 per hour.
  • (Bi) - Clearing kitchen charged at £22 per hour.
  • (Ci) - Repair of paint work charged at £22 per hour.
  • (Di) - Cancellation or Uncompleted work charged at £200.

To ensure your piece of mind Traditional hand painted only work on one kitchen project at a time. Before we begin working on your kitchen we will have discussed the scope of work the colour you have chosen and the paint manufacturer I have recommended, this usually happens week before we start your project and as we work on a 12 - 20 week lead time is can be very difficult to accommodate cancelled projects. So if I show up on the agreed date at the agreed time, and I'm unable to complete the contracted work due to circumstances beyond my control (for instance, I can't enter the worksite; other contractors are late with their part of the job; or any other reason not directly my fault), I'll have to charge you a £200 minimum charge to cover travel and lost hours. (Di - see additional costs)

The same goes if I can only partially complete the job due to circumstances beyond my control (like the ones mentioned above). If that happens, we'll make another appointment so I can complete the work for an additional minimum £200 charge (Di - see additional costs). If the work left is only minimal by my estimation, we'll agree a smaller charge.

Promotion of our work

We take great pride in my work and like to show it to others, so they can see our standard of workmanship. To help us do this we photograph all completed work for display purposes on our website and social media sites. However, if there are legal restrictions on you or your property that wouldn't allow me to take pictures, let me know.

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you and we will never reveal your full name or address in connection with the photographs.

Inspection of complated works

Before we leave your project. you will get the opportunity to inspect the work. We'll inspect it together and make a list of any defects or uncompleted items. that will need to be rectified We'll do this in accordance with industry best practice, ie under normal daylight lighting conditions, without magnification, and from a normal standing viewing position..

This step is very important for Traditional hand painted as it gives us the confidence that we've both had a good look to make sure we have delivered to own high standards. And it gives you confidence that the job has been done properly

Industry Standards

All materials will be applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications. All surface preparation and coatings will meet industry standards.

We stand over our work 100%. All of the materials we use will be in line with the industry standards. You will be covered by the manufacturer's warranties of products used.

Please Note: We cannot be held liable for the failure of the substrate or any prior coatings applied beneath the paint we apply. We are only responsible for the coatings we apply.

The warranty does not cover general wear and tear. The kitchen is the heart of the home and gets a lot of use on a daily basis. Painted surfaces will chip if harshly treated and we provide a small touch up kit to accomidate small chips


I stand over my work 100% and I guarantee the materials I use will be in line with the industry standard or above. My labour is warranted for a period of two (2) years. And when the work has been fully paid for, you'll be covered by all of the manufacturer's warranties of the products I've used. My liability under a warranty claim can't exceed the total price charged for the completed hand painted kitchen I've done.

To help us deal with defects as quickly as possible, you agree to make warranty claims immediately upon discovering a defect or performance problem. Please understand that in the event of the substrate or any prior coating failing beneath the paint that I have applied, I can't be held liable for the failure of that substrate or coating. I can only be held responsible for the coatings I applied.


Payment details will be outlined in the quotation you receive, along with payment options. Booking Deposit: A booking deposit of £100 will secure your project. (Please also see cancellation/reschedule). Interim Payments: Interim payments may be payable throughout your project if this is a large project over several weeks.

Final Payment: The balance is payable on completion. There will be a 10% - 20% late payment fee, depending on the size of your project, if the balance is not paid on the final day of completion.


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