New kitchen without the mess and expense of new!

Drawing on many years experience, Traditional Hand Painted delivered as promised – a new kitchen without the disruption and inconvenience of installing a new one.

To replace a kitchen of this size and quality would have cost tens of thousands of pounds. Hand painting was the perfect solution. Essentially my client would end up with a wonderful new look kitchen at a fraction of the cost of new.

My client initially contacted me back in October 2020 having seen my post on Facebook, over the next 6 months we discussed various colours and installing new handles. Several dates came and went due to the pandemic restrictions. However, eventually we overcame all the obstacles and work could commence.

The kitchen itself was solid wood and had been very well made but like many of the natural timber kitchens we paint, had now turned a bit orange. The dark wood, once very fashionable, was now also making the room feel dark and dated. Rather than spending tens of thousands replacing it for a ‘like for like’ kitchen the clients had decided that a having it hand painted was by far and away the best solution.

Every surface of the kitchen was thoroughly cleaned down and degreased before I started sanding with a 120 grit abrasive. I take great care to key every square centimetre of the surface, so the high adhesion primer can work properly. Experience has also taught me to pay attention and not get so carried away with sanding to the point that you break through the surface varnish. In other words high quality sanding is not about brutally taking everything down to the bare, regardless. You sand everything but only as necessary and in this case, the coating had been going strong for years and was still in great shape, so it made no sense to remove it.

With the initial sanding completed, I turned to the adhesion primer which my supplier had mixed to match the chosen topcoat colour. In this instance, I used Tikkurila Akva tinted to Boringdon Green, to ensure the depth of colour.

I applied two coats of the primer, lightly sanding with 600 Grit between coats. The 3 top coats were Little Greene Boringdon Green Intelligent Eggshell with a 25% sheen.

Our clients words.

Hi John, We are both delighted with our new look kitchen and now very motivated to press on and get the walls painted too, great job.

Finally the finishing touches where added, new handles were then marked out and fitted and when I handed over the finished kitchen, it certainly had a nice new fresh look.

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