White Kitchen Transformation

2021 has been an interesting year for colour choices in client kitchens. Along with the usual choice of grey (which needs an entire article by it own) their have been more blues and a series of greens over the summer months and finally a growing trend of clients choosing to have their old kitchens painted in clean fresh white.

I can see the attraction of a white kitchen, white can be a versatile, an uplifting and bright option allowing light to bounce off the white, hand-painted kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.

Traditional hand painted have just completed the transformation of an 18 year old vinyl covered kitchen. As with most wood effect vinyl covers--often called thermoformed--the vinyl will split, shrink or completely fall off the MDF or chipboard doors which was exactly the case with this kitchen.

The only option clients have when this happens is to have the vinyl removed, the good news is that the wood that the door has been made from is perfect for hand painting. The remaining glue was fully removed and the doors sanded before applying the primer and finally a number of top coats of Little Greene hard wearing Loft White Eggshell paint.

One of the most significant benefits of a painted kitchen is the finish it can provide. No matter what style you choose, painted cabinets and cupboards look silky, smooth, and of the highest quality.

Our client is delighted with the finish and the transformation from the dullness of the old vinyl kitchen to the bright freshness of the new white kitchen is dramatic.

Traditionally our clients have based the decision to refurbish their kitchens on the low cost to hand painting versus the costs of ripping out the old kitchen and installing a new kitchen, increasingly landfill Co2 and the effects on climate change have now become a significant factor on clients justification for not installing a new kitchen.

The Co2e footprint of kitchens has been documents and we can calculate the approximate amount of CO2e reduction in landfill. This kitchen would have created over 800kg of CO2e if it had been replaced with a new kitchen. We have to offset this with the CO2e footprint of the paint, travel to and from the clients house and the power consumption of our Workshop estimated at 100kg of CO2e. Giving a saving of 700kg of CO2e.

Our clients words.

Absolutely delighted with our kitchen transformation John. Many thanks.

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