Market Green Hand Painted Kitchen.

Refitting the entire kitchen isn’t the only way to completely transform the heart of your home – it can be as simple as treating cupboards, cabinets and islands to a new coat of paint and creates the look and feel of a brand new kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

These are some before and after images of a recently completed Kitchen, this is a solid wood shaker style kitchen originally finished in wax to give the wood a soft smooth finish.

When preparing solid wood cabinets for hand painting, we have a tried and tested system. It all starts with removing the doors and drawers and any other removable pieces ready for transporting back to my workshop.

The carcass is washed down with a 50/50 mix of degreaser and water. The next stage is sanding down using the latest dust free extraction system. Once I had finished all the sanding, I turned to the adhesion primer which had been mixed to match the chosen topcoat colour. In this instance, I used Tikkurila Otex tinted to to a dark grey, to ensure the depth of colour.

I applied three top coats of Mylands of London hard wearing eggshell paint. Market Green No.38 is a luxurious, unique and classic deep shade. The slight blue undertones of this dark, deep green paint help to give a calming effect, and the shade is perfect for bringing a natural, outside-in effect.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many before and after photos of kitchens our clients have studied, the end result is always a pleasant surprise. It seems that most homeowners can never quite visualise just how big the transformation is going to be on their own kitchen. That is the only theory that seems to explain the general response at hand over time – I never thought it would look that good!

Having your kitchen refurbished in this way rather than ripping out and replacing with a new kitchen would have resulted in 1.4 tonnes of CO2e being deposited in landfill.

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