Peeling kitchen cabinets restored and hand painted.

Peeling or bubbling on vinyl or thermofoil wrapped kitchen doors is one of the most common problems we experience when dealing with our customers and their kitchens.

The peeling generally starts on the edges of the doors or drawers, before quickly spreading along the length of the panel. Heat, moisture, steam, direct sunlight or improper use of cleaning solutions, all of which can effect the integrity of the glue beneath the vinyl and although these causes are often preventable with hindsight, by the time you notice the problem it’s generally too late and the damage is already done.

However there is no need for the cabinets to be thrown on to landfill. The core of the cabinets is often made from MDF and the good news is that if this is prepared properly it can be painted to fine hand painted finish. At Traditional Hand Painted, our solution to restore peeling or bubbling vinyl kitchen cabinets is to remove the failed covers, prepare the MDF cores and apply a hard-wearing paint solution to transform the doors and drawers at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

There is also an ecological reason for not ripping out a perfectly good mdf kitchen and replacing it with a virtually identical one. Too many of us are persuaded that the only destination for our old used or drab kitchen cabinets and drawers is the skip, and what that means is the ecological tragedy of landfill, carbon emissions and a waste of your money.

This Kitchen is a great example of how damaged cabinets can be repaired and restored like new at a fraction of the price of installing a new kitchen and in just 5 days with minimal disruption to you.

Any cracks, nail holes and other surface imperfections and water damage are repaired, filled and sanded smooth. Then the cabinets are cleaned and free of all dust, dirt and grime before any primer is applied.

Priming of the doors, drawers and the carcass is the most important paint coat you'll put on the kitchen, since the primer has a very specific purpose in prepares the surface of the cabinets for the adhesion of the new paint system and seals and protects the surface ensuring the paint system does not sink in to the wood and stops it then loosing its coverage and luster.

One of the most significant benefits of a painted kitchen is the finish it can provide. No matter what style you choose, painted cabinets and cupboards look silky, smooth, and of the highest quality.

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