How to refurbishing your damaged kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse over the years. Exposure to grease, heat, sharp utensils, and spills can leave your kitchen showing signs of wear and tear. In some cases the damage can be significant such as water damage with peeling surfaces and expanded MDF or chipboard.

If your kitchen is in this situation, then consider having it professionally refurbished by Traditional Hand Painted. This is a very attractive proposition compared to the expense and disruption of installing a new kitchen.

Our client recently asked if her damaged kitchen could be repaired and painted and after reviewing the pictures we received of the kitchen and the severely water damaged cabinet doors we where delighted to tell her that we could easily repair the damage and hand paint her old kitchen.

Our client's kitchen cabinet doors where made from standard MDF which can get wet and damaged by water and high moisture in the air just like most wood products. It does not hold up to water very well, because of how MDF is made, it sucks moisture like a sponge, and will swell, and distort. However, we have been repairing this type of damage for a long time and when we are finished with the repairs and the door has been fully painted you can't tell it was ever damaged.

We repaired and completed the painting of the kitchen cabinets and the carcass in just 5 days with no disruption to the client, who was delighted with the results.

"I would highly recommend John and Aiden. They were very professional. Their timekeeping and communication were excellent. I am delighted that they have managed to revive my very tired kitchen. Added bonus was not having to empty cupboards. Great work. Thanks again"

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