High Glossy Kitchen Makeover.

We are often asked if High gloss kitchen cabinets can be painted? The simple answer is yes they can.

As with every kitchen we hand paint, proper preparation is essential to successfully painting high gloss cabinets. Modern kitchen cabinets come in many types of finishes and each have a slightly different method of preparation.

High gloss needs to be wet sanded before any specialist primer is applied to the surface, Wet sanding involves a fine abrasive sanding pad soaked in water to produce a surface key suitable for the adhesion primer. In this case I used a shellac based primer. Shellac is a refined resin secreted by the female lac bug on trees in the forests of India and Thailand and is the only commercial resin of animal origin.

Once applied to the surface of the cabinets it cures to a hard surface that can be sanded to a fine surface and gives an excellent base for hard wearing eggshell paint. The full paint system for this type of surface calls for 2 coats of shallac primer and a further 3 coats of finish coat in the colour of your choice.

This gives your old glossy kitchen cabinets a new texture with a process called “laying on & laying off.” To perfect this technique takes time and a lot of practice and youll need to invest in top quality laying off brushes along with a little knowledge on the chemistry of paint.

The Client wanted to update the kitchen and change the old cream colour with a more modern two tone colour scheme. Choosing Loft White for the main kitchen cabinets and a contrasting Urbane Grey for the island. In addition they also wanted to change the built in open wine rack turning it in to a normal cabinet with a door and remove 2 glass doors replacing them with matching doors tying together the look of the entire kitchen.

The end result for the client is a new kitchen in a dramatic new colour scheme and all new matching doors, the final touch was to fit contrasting new matt black handles.

I hope you will agree with the client "The Kitchen Looks Amazing". Its quite the transformation of a well-made but tired-looking high gloss kitchen, and hand-painting it was a lot less hassle and expense than installing a new kitchen.

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