Jewel Beetle Kitchen renovation.

In the modern home, the kitchen is the most used space, where preparing of food, drinking, eating and socialising is common place. It is essential the finish of the furniture can stand the test of time, while adding that stunning character only found with handmade or hand-painted kitchens.

Hand painted kitchens beautifully stand out in any home. Traditional Hand Painted use only the best paints from the top paint manufacturers with a vast choice of colour pallets and shades for you to choose from, so you can truly personalise your kitchen and create the vibe you have always wanted. Whether you prefer adventurous and striking colours or neutral and minimalist shades, we can recommend a colour which suits your personal tastes and compliments your space.

This is an example of a hand painted kitchen recently completed. The client wanted a completely new look for her kitchen to replace the dated mismatched colour combination of plain white and laminated wood effect units. The client chose an amazing bold and bright green from the Little Greene paint company called Jewel Beetle.

Brilliantly colored and shiny to a fault, the Jewel Beetle is the common name for beetles in the Buprestidae taxonomic family. Jewel beetles, also called metallic beetles are so named because of their distinctive glossy bright colours and iridescent carapaces.

So colour chosen, we arrived early in the morning our first task is to demount the cabinets and drawers, which are painted at my workshop. The carcass was washed with a degreaser then left to dry before sanding it and applying a coat of adhesion primer, which is essential to form a solid base for the main colour to be applied. The carcass and cabinets are sanded with 600 grit before any subsequent paint coats are applied.

The work was completed in 5 working days with little disruption to the client and changed the look and feel of the entire kitchen dramatically. If you are currently weighing up the cost of buying a new kitchen, but like the layout and functionality of your existing one. Why not consider a hand painted renovation it could save you 1000’s of £’s.

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