Restoring your old cabinets in a newly installed contemporary Kitchen.

When you decide to remodel your kitchen the latest contemporary cabinetry is a simple and sophisticated option for transforming your kitchen into a modern living space. A streamlined, contemporary kitchen design, combined with integrated appliances, thoughtful lighting and a mix of levels helps to keep your room clutter-free whilst leaving you more space to relax and entertain, but ripping out perfectly good 100 year old hand build cabinets can be a difficult choice especially when they can be repaired, hand painted and upgraded to compliment to the newly installed kitchen.

This is a perfect example of how hand painted kitchen cabinets can fit sympathetically into a modem contemporary kitchen. The new kitchen was in the final stage of installation when we started work, Generally we are the last trade on site as this allows for minimum disruption and dust creation during our work. However on this project due to delays with products, tradesmen and the layout of the new kitchen. We could work in the kitchen alone and there would be no other work carried out for several weeks after we would complete our work giving time for the paint to fully cure and harden.

Our kitchen painting process starts by removing the cupboard doors and drawer fronts and cleaning all surfaces to be painted. After this we prepare and prime the doors and fronts so that we may then apply a flawless hand painted finish.

The cabinet and drawer fronts are painted off site to reduce disruption to family life. All the fitted fixtures such as cornice, pelmet, plinth, side and end panels, mantles, corbels and Pilasters are painted when the doors and drawer fronts have been removed. Meaning the kitchen can be used as normal after we leave each day.

Once all the meticulous preparation is done and over the next few days a number of coats of hardwearing eggshell paint are hand painted onto every surface. This stage cannot be rushed and sanding between every application of paint helps to provide a flawless yet durable finish.

The client had chosen Loft White from Little Greene for the cabinets. Working with 100 year old carpentry can take a little longer then normal cabinet doors and means working slowly allowing each coat of paint a full 24 hours before gently rubbing down the paint work to 600 grit before applying the next coat. In total I applied 5 coats of primer & Intelligent eggshell to produce the finish I was looking for.

The doors and drawers where refitted and adjusted and the door hinges needed to be stripped of old layers of paint and where then polished. The client has also chosen new handles to be fitted to complete the project. This was a very special kitchen that fits perfectly with the clients new kitchen.

Refurbishing your kitchen has enormous benefits not only for your home but also for the environment. This was a relatively small kitchen that if replaced with a new kitchen would have resulted in 500 kg of CO2e being deposited in landfill.

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