Hand Painted Sage Green Kitchen.

Refitting the entire kitchen isn’t the only way to completely transform the heart of your home – it can be as simple as treating cupboards, cabinets and islands to a new coat of paint.

Traditional hand painted was asked if we could possibly transform a clients dated wooden kitchen with a hand painted finish. I visited the client to discuss the project, took a number of pictures that would allow me to quote and happily the client agreed to proceed.

Compared to having a new kitchen installed, our hand painting service is very low impact, no need to rip out the old kitchen, no need to empty the cupboards and you can still use the kitchen in the evenings.

As with all projects, from the first enquiry to the final handover, we find good communication is key to achieving the right result for the customer. By the time I arrived on site to commence the renovation, we had confirmed all the important details, colours and finishes, and the important work of preparation could start.

The client had a classic shaker style kitchen, and settled on another classic: Sage Green. This is a earthy grayish-green color like that of the culinary herb which has woody stems and grayish leaves. As a green, it communicates peace and growth and speaks of ecology and nature.

Shaker kitchens look fantastic in sage green. The clean, simple lines lend themselves well to this natural, muted colour palette, and it looks great whether you want to go for a more modern or traditional feel. You really can’t go wrong with sage if you love the shaker style.

So colour chosen, we arrived early in the morning and demounted the cabinets and drawers which are painted at my workshop. The carcass was washed with a degreaser then left to dry before sanding it and applying a coat of an adhesion primer which is essential to form a solid base for the main colour to be applied. The carcass and cabinets are sanded with 600 grit before any subsequent paint coats are applied.

The work was completed in 5 working days with no disruption to the client and changed the look and feel of the kitchen dramatically. Having your kitchen refurbished in this way rather than ripping out and replacing with a new kitchen would have resulted in 600kg tonnes of CO2e being deposited in landfill.

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