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Solving the quandary about upgrading a 20 year old kitchen

When you have a 20 year old kitchen and you would like to change it but dont want to go the the expense, inconvenience and environmental effects of ripping the old kitchen out and installing a new one. What can you do?

White Kitchen Transformation

2021 has been an interesting year for colour choices in client kitchens. Along with the usual choice of grey (which needs an entire article by it own) their have been more blues and a series of greens over the summer months and finally a growing trend of clients choosing to have their old kitchens painted in clean fresh white.

COP 26 and your Kitchen

With COP-26 in Glasgow approaching i though it was time to look in to the Co2e impact of what I do, hand painting kitchens and how some of my clients decided to make the decision to rejuvenate their kitchens rather than replacing them with new.

Rescuing DIY painted kitchen Cabinets

Its a brave DIYer that takes on the painting of their Kitchen Cabinets. Many people have attempted to paint their own kitchens and have been left with a streaky, running paint finish that come off when gently rubbed or scratched.

The white kitchen a timeless classic

Designers are always writing about trends but it is great to have a design element in the home that is a classic and a white kitchen is truly one of these. Whether contemporary or traditional in style, a white kitchen is timeless.

Bring your old kitchen back to life with colour

In the modern home today, the kitchen is the most used space, where preparing of food, drinking, eating and socialising is common place. It is essential the finish of the furniture can stand the test of time, while adding that stunning character only found with handmade or hand-painted kitchens.

Dont put up with your tired dated kitchen.

We were asked to transform these plain wooden units into a hand painted kitchen. Our clients thought it was starting to look dated and wanted a fresh look while still keeping a contemporary feel and opted to also change the worktops to finish the look.

Giving your old Kitchen a new lease of life

Having an existing kitchen painted has two extremely beneficial aspects. Not only does it create the impression of a brand new kitchen but it also saves the disruption caused by removing your old kitchen and fitting a new one. Kitchen painting stunningly transforms your space, whether it’s veneered, varnished, waxed, lacquered or laminated.

5 day wooden kitchen restoration

The beauty of a well made wooden kitchen is that it will last a very long time and you can repaint it many times, to reflect current tastes.

Country Kitchen Remodeling

This beautiful solid wood classic shaker kitchen is versatile, chic, unfussy, yet with heaps of personality offering a truly stylish and timeless appeal. However the client wanted to bring a modern country kitchen feel to the room.